Skydiving Specials

We think every one of the jumps we offer, is "Special", but check these deals...!

Tandem Specials

Tandem DVD package - now includes "FREE" photos
(save $85) only $120

Height Guarantee - you’ll only pay for the height you go to. If operating conditions (weather) do not permit us to go as high as intended we will refund you the difference!

Location Guarantee – Calling it as it is - Skydive Perth means you will actually skydive in Perth, Skydive Pinjarra or onto Mandurah Beach means into those locations and not be used to a completely different location hours away.

Learn to Skydive Specials

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) - Learn how to skydive yourself with highly qualified Instructors jumping with you, doing our 9 Stage course with all stages from 5 onwards filmed automatically, so you can show off to all your mates!
Available throughout the year!
Prepay only - $2500

International "A" licence package – includes the complete AFF course plus 10 additional jumps from up to 15,000ft, includes parachute packing lessons, "A" licence study guide and you're "A" licence exam to take you through to qualify for your first International sporting licence.
Only $2975

50 Jump International "B" Licence package – includes everything in the "A" licence package including additional coached jumps to complete the "B Rel" training syllabus, a formal Parachute Packer qualification, plus 22 more skydives, qualifying you to jump with up to 10 other jumpers.
(Save $176) $5274

100 Jump "C" Licence, Pro Skydiver – takes you through the "A" and "B" licence packages plus all the jumps required to qualify for an International "C" licence and able to fly a camera in freefall with enough skills to earn a living within the skydiving industry.
(Save $656) $7,044

200+ Jump "Wingsuiter" package – includes everything in the A – C licence packages plus all the jumps required for an international "D" licence and power coaching from our highly qualified wingsuit coaches to get you Wingsuit ready.
(Save $1820) $11,880

Contact the office on: 1300 13 78 55 to book the above specials!

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