Skydive Equipment used by the WA Skydiving Academy

Skydiving Equipment

Accelerated Freefall Program

All the equipment in use at the Academy is the latest in design technology. The parachutes are high - performance ram - air (square) parachutes. These are highly maneuverable and are designed to give soft, usually stand-up landings, even on your very first jump.

Audible height warning devices are fitted to student helmets as a backup prompt for you to pull your own ripcord. Control whilst under parachute is also made easier by the fact a radio is fitted to your helmet so that voice commands can back up the instructions that were given to you during your ground training.

A complete set of course notes is supplied for the theory component of the training and jumpsuit and goggles are all supplied for the jump. All you need to supply is loose fitting, comfortable clothing and a pair of running shoes (sneakers).

Utilising modern technology and training methods, safety in the sport has improved dramatically. Now accessible to the wider community, skydiving has become one of the world's fastest growing sports, while retaining the ultimate in adrenalin rushes!

Tandem Program

Tandem systems utilised are Micro Sigma manufactured in the United States by Vector and are equipped with Cypres Automatic Activation Devices (AAD).

Main parachutes are Jyro Icarus.

All WA Skydiving Academy Instructors are Highly Experienced and Share a Passion for Safe Skydiving.

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