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Our top of the range, first jump course. Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is a concentrated high level of private instruction utilising the latest in instructional techniques, freefall video, parachute systems and highly qualified Instructors specialising in freefall control.

Nine hours of training is usually required to get someone ready and this can be formatted to suit your own needs, usually two evenings, two half days or one full day. The theory and drill periods cover all aspects of the jump.

The jump its self is from 12,000ft and two highly experienced freefall Instructors accompany you, actually holding on to you. One either side. During the freefall they monitor your skills and help out where necessary and only plan to let go of you once your ripcord has been pulled and your parachute deployed.

Steering your parachute is easy as all you do is follow your instructors back down to the landing area, plus we back that up by having radio's on the helmets so that we can even give you guidance while you are under parachute.

The Academy's policy is to allow the students at least one day between training and jumping, to allow the instruction to be absorbed.....we don't want to add to the pressure of the jump by expecting you to train in the same day. We are available for training and jumping 7 days a week.

Residential courses aimed at getting you to a licensed stage are available throughout the year and we are able to conduct jumps any where in the state by special request, provided an appropriate location is also available.

AFF Stage 1 - $550

Includes training, membership to the Australian Parachute Federation, Student Parachutist Licence, Equipment and log book.

AFF Stage 2 - 3 - $270

AFF Stage 4 - 8 - $270 each*

*If no video prior to Stage 4 add $15 to Stage 4

AFF Stage 9 - $130

After successfully completing the course you get 2 months FREE gear hire with the Academy, so jumps are, for example: $26 up to 5,000ft, $35 up to 12,000ft, $43 up to 14,000ft.

Each stage is comprised of one jump from 10,000ft-12,000ft with the exception of stage nine, which is a low level orientation jump from 3,000ft.

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) - Learn how to skydive yourself with highly qualified instructors jumping with you, doing our 9 Stage course with all stages from 5 onwards filmed automatically, so you can show off to all your mates!
Available throughout the year!

Prepay only - $2500

International "A" Licence Package - Includes the complete AFF course plus 10 additional jumps from up to 15,000ft, includes parachute packing lessons, "A"; licence study guide and you're "A" licence exam to take you through to qualify for your first international sporting licence.

Only $2975

50 Jump International "B" Licence Package - Includes everything in the "A" licence package including additional coached jumps to complete the "B" training syllabus, a formal parachute packer qualification, plus 22 more skydives, qualifying you to jump with up to 10 other jumpers.

(Save $176) $5274

100 Jump "C" Licence, Pro Skydiver - Takes you through the "A" and "B" licence packages plus all the jumps required to qualify for an international "C" licence and able to fly a camera in freefall with enough skills to earn a living within the skydiving industry.

(Save $656) $7,044

200+ Jump "Wingsuiter" Package - Includes everything in the A - C licence packages plus all the jumps required for an international "D" licence and power coaching from our highly qualified wingsuit coaches to get you wingsuit ready.

(Save $1820) $11,880

NB: Traditionally AFF1 is done around the world from 10,000ft. Due to competition on the local market we now perform these jumps from 12,000ft. Altitude is just what a skydiver craves but it comes at a price, as the atmosphere becomes thinner with height and therefore there is less oxygen the higher you go. At 10,00ft there is 30% less oxygen for every breath you take compared with at sea level.

The relevance here is with the demand your body will have for oxygen as it performs the skills required on AFF1; lack of oxygen can lead to Hypoxia which in its mildest form will present as diminished colour vision and possible inability to follow procedures. As you do more jumps and learn to relax your oxygen demand will decrease and then going up to the legal highest level of 14,000ft is not a problem and is actively encouraged.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requires all pilots operating above 12,000ft to be breathing pure Oxygen.

Because of this reason the Academy will not conduct AFF stage 1 jumps from 14,000ft above mean sea level (AMSL).

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