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West Australian Skydiving Academy. Only skydiving company in Perth offering Mandurah beach jumps see more
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West Australian Skydiving Academy

WA Skydiving Academy is proud to offer you three spectacular skydiving locations to choose from. Pinjarra, Mandurah Beach and Perth City Tandem Jumps.

New Perth to Bunbury Freeway Now Open and Running straight to Pinjarra! The Drive to the Pinjarra Dropzone Just got Shorter!

Officially registered in June 1987, the Academy offers a wide range of tailor made beginners first jumps skydiving courses and Freefall Tandem jumps at what we consider to be the best locations throughout the state of Western Australia.

  • Mandurah Beach Jumps
  • Jumps over the city of Perth
  • Spectacular aerial coastal views. The scenery ranges from Perth out to Rottnest Island and as far south as Bunbury*
  • Pinjarra dropzone less than an hour south of PERTH
  • Exceptional safety record


Enjoys spectacular aerial views along the WA coast. The view ranges from beyond the city of Perth, out to Rottnest Island, Garden Island and as far south as Bunbury and jumping is available 7 days a week throughout the year. A visit to the dropzone is strongly recommended to enable us to show you around the training facility. This is so you can meet the people you are about to do the most exciting thing in your life with and most importantly to see some parachutes in the sky before doing your first jump.

Pinjarra is approximately 80km south of Perth and only takes about 30 minutes drive from Armadale on the South West Highway (HWY 20). Or, if you're coming from Mandurah only 15 minutes along the Pinjarra Road. Turn at the Premier Hotel onto the Williams - Dwellingup Road and the Academy is located about 4 kms drive on your right.

The Perth Drop Zone: Several approved locations around the the metropolitan area provided the best views of everything without having to drive out of the city. Bookings depart from central Perth or rendezvous at Jandakot airport with a free transfer after the jump. Tandem jumps and experienced licensed jumpers only with the minimum altitude being 8,000ft.

Value for Money: The Academy's locations also benefits from the fact that they are at sea level (+21'), as all aircraft measure their altitude from sea level. The maximum altitude you can jump from, as a student doing AFF or Tandem, is 15,000ft above sea level, which means when you step out of one of our aircraft you get a true 15,000ft skydive.

This is not the case for some of our competitors that are located up on the Darling escarpment, which puts them about 600ft above sea level before they even get airborne. This means a jump from 14,000ft above sea level with our competitors would only give you 13,400ft of skydive at best.

* Weather and other conditions may affect the view, cause delays or cancellations. The Academy is very proud of its safety record and will not conduct operations unless suitable criteria has been met as determined by the Australian Parachute Federation's Operational Regulations in conjunction with our own operating policy.


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